SPARKS, MD – Recently unveiled at the inaugural PHH Arval Telecommunications and Utility Conference, a new company survey shows that fleet managers are primarily focused on fuel economy and green initiatives.

“PHH Arval understands that the telecommunication and utility industries are going through dynamic times,” said George Kilroy, CEO and President of PHH Arval. “This new conference and first-ever telecom and utility survey were developed to provide industry-specific information and data to support our clients as these areas grow.”

Conducted for the first time, results from the 2012 Telecommunications and Utility Survey were shared at the new PHH Arval Telecommunications and Utility Conference for fleet managers and suppliers. The survey was created to develop a benchmark that attendees could use as a comparison for their fleet policies and practices.

For example, 76 percent of respondents had explored or plan to explore an opportunity to reduce their environmental impact. Respondents added that more fuel efficient vehicles were the primary focus because of the positive environmental impact as well as cost reduction.

In addition to the survey data provided, Kilroy said, “a common trend in the telecommunication and utility industries is rising customer expectations and service quality. We must provide every client with a high level of service so that they can do the same for their customers. Our goal is for our clients to have the best customer experience at every interaction.”