BURNABY, BC - Quadrant Manager 9.5 introduces many new features and enhancements to existing features.

New Features

Quadrant Manager Mobile for the iPhone and iPad: A new Quadrant Manager interface is enabled automatically for iPhone and iPad users who access Quadrant Manager through the iOS Safari web browser. Designed for fleet managers on the move, Quadrant Manager Mobile gives you instant access to Quadrant Manager mapping, vehicles, and vehicle information. Quadrant Manager Mobile gives you the information you need in a screen size and user experience specifically designed for the iPhone and iPad.

TMW TruckMate integration: TMW TruckMate integration enables Quadrant to access and send information to Truckmate in real‐time. By integrating with Truckmate, Quadrant (including Quadrant
Manager, Quadrant In‐Cab, and Truckmate) provides you with new capabilities to improve your fleet performance, lower costs, and increase visibility. TruckMate uses Quadrant’s messaging capability to automatically assign tasks to drivers and receive status updates from them. The solution is fully automated, eliminating the need for manual dispatch.


Improved Usability: A number of small yet important changes have been made to the user interface, layout, and navigation in Quadrant Manager. These changes are designed to make it faster for you to complete you tasks in Quadrant, while making similar features more consistent throughout the application. Our goal is to make Quadrant Manager easier to use and intuitive for all users. The most obvious change is a new login page and new vehicle icons.

Enhanced Utility for Existing Features: As is typical with new releases, Quadrant 9.5 adds some new functionality to existing features in order to get more out of what you already have. The Vehicle Status pane can now be filtered by any vehicle property displayed and can be downloaded to a spreadsheet for use in other applications. The Locator Upgrade window now shows the Locator serial number.

Security: We are constantly implementing industry best practices to ensure that your information is always completely secure. In previous versions of Quadrant Manager, the login web page was protected by using the HTTPS protocol. In this release, we are protecting every single Quadrant Manager web page by providing HTTPS access in all transactions. Our policy at Webtech Wireless is to be conservative in changes that affect our customers’ user experience with Quadrant Manager. With the exception of TruckMate integration, all of the features have been automatically enabled and made available to all customers.