TORRANCE, CA – Vikas Jain, VP & GM, QES Saas for FleetRisk Advisors/Sylectus, spent a few hours visiting the Bobit Business Media headquarters office, in Torrance, to provide an in-depth discussion and overview of the FleetRisk Advisors offerings.

FleetRisk Advisors began building predictive models for the trucking industry in 2005, and is applies predictive analytics and remediation solutions to the transportation industry.

“We are challenging the way that fleets address accidents,” Jain said. “It’s not like people just ‘forget’ how to drive. We address and remediate the cause behind the event.”

According to the company, a surprisingly consistent set of behaviors leads to such events as preventable accidents or employee turnover; predictive analytics can identify these patterns and accurately predict near-future events and recommend remediation actions to prevent them.

FleetRisk Advisors assists clients in reducing accidents, improving productivity, and reducing worker’s compensation claims. We also assist clients improving driver retention and streamlining the driver recruiting process.

A short demonstration of the FleetRisk Advisors predictive analysis model is available on their website.

Predictive modeling is part of predictive analytics and is used to determine the probable future outcome of an event or the likelihood of a situation occurring by analyzing large amounts of historical data. By using pattern recognition, software modelers are able to identify the recurring patterns in past events and then use those patterns to develop a model to predict the near future. By scoring today’s data for example, against a historical model, a company can make a realistic and often highly accurate prediction of what’s about to occur. The real value with this technology is being able to intervene with drivers before issues arise, and FleetRisk has been able to statistically prove that a driver’s accident probability can be reduced by at least 50 percent by offering the right remediation to the right driver at the right time.

For more information about FleetRisk Advisors, visit their website at

--Lauren Fletcher