PACIFIC GROVE, CA - The Retread Tire Association (RTA) wants every trucker to get a chance to see first-hand the care and detail that goes into the manufacturing of retreaded tires, one of the mainstays of the trucking industry.

"Riding on safe, reliable tires is one of the most important foundations of trucking today. Chances are you drive on retreads. They are the tires you rely on every day, to safely and economically transport goods, equipment, perishables, mail and get you back home so you can do it all over again tomorrow," said Harvey Brodsky, managing director of the RTA. "At RTA, we want all of our friends in the trucking industry to see how their retreads are constructed, tested and maintained. Taking a tour of a retread plant is one of the best ways to see the process from start to finish."

Tours can be arranged from just about anywhere in North America. 

"Seeing how retreads are made is informative and may give you some extra peace of mind when considering how to equip your fleet or personal vehicle. If you have any doubts about retreading, this will change your mind," Brodsky said. 

Afterwards, folks who took the tour told RTA, "The tour of the plant was not only interesting and fun but also deeply educational concerning the nature and reliability of today's retread tires," Brodsky said.

To arrange a tour, give RTA a call at (831) 646-5269 or e-mail