Ford has developed a new tool designed to help fleet customers determine their fleet’s current carbon footprint and to model different scenarios based on the vehicles that comprise, and could comprise, their fleets. Ford offers this proprietary tool via consultation with a Ford representative.

Called the Vehicle Emissions and Fuel Cost Calculator, it uses vehicle type, fuel type, possible traffic conditions and the geographic region where a given vehicle type could be used to generate fleet fuel efficiency and emissions data.

For example, Ford said the tool is capable of determining “upstream” emissions (emissions from power plants) that could be associated with operating electric vehicles. The automaker gave the example of operating this vehicle type in Portland, Ore., where hydroelectric power is common, vs. operating the same vehicle type in Philadelphia, where many power plants use coal.

“This tool will help our customers make the most informed purchase decision possible — one that will meet their business needs, help promote energy security and help protect the environment,” said Sandy Winkler, senior researcher with Ford Research and Innovation and developer of the tool.