TROY, NY – Pitney Bowes Software, a global provider of customer data, analytics, and communications management, is providing geolocational software solutions that is designed to help specialty trucking insurer 1st Guard streamline its operations and improve customer and claims service to its policyholders.

The insurer is using Pitney Bowes Software’s Spectrum OnDemand solution to validate addresses for policies and precise tax jurisdiction calculations, and customer mapping. Spectrum OnDemand is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

Spectrum powers the claims portion of TRUCKER1, 1st Guard’s claims iPhone app for truck drivers. TRUCKER1 allows drivers to access their coverage information and get back on the road quickly when they have a claim, regardless of the time or the location of the incident. Drivers can now fill out a claim in as little as 60 seconds on their iPhone, instead of the traditional nearly two days, according to Pitney Bowes. TRUCKER1 uses Pitney Bowes’ software to verify the location of the incident, allowing the claims adjustor to have all of the details on hand to settle the claim efficiently.

The Spectrum OnDemand service is also used by the 1st Guard sales team to accumulate prospecting information, pinpointing the location of current and potential customers within a certain radius from a specific geographical location.