WATERBURY, CT - Oil Purification Systems (OPS) announced that Edwards Mail Service, a Lubbock, Texas-based freight company that contracts for the U.S. Postal Service, has signed an agreement to implement the OPS Eco-Pur fluid cleaning system on its entire fleet.

Edwards Mail Service currently has installed 175 units and plans to complete installation on all 250 trucks within the next six months. The company is already saving approximately $140,000 per year by significantly extending each vehicle’s oil drain intervals, and expects that savings to be even greater as the entire fleet is outfitted.

Bill Godfrey, area manager for Edwards Mail Service, said, “OPS and the Eco-Pur system are not only playing a tremendous role in helping us save money with fewer oil changes, but also in extending the life of our trucks’ engines. We have a number of older trucks in our fleet, and thanks to OPS we have implemented a stringent reporting system for our oil sampling. This enables us to identify engine issues before they become major problems, saving us even more time and money and allowing us to keep our trucks running efficiently longer than ever before. What’s more, our ROI with the Eco-Pur was only about a year.”

About half of the Edwards Mail fleet is comprised of Class 8 vehicles (over 33,000 pounds), while the other half are Class 6 vehicles (ranging from 19,501-26,000 pounds.) Before implementing the Eco-Pur system, the company changed the oil on its larger vehicles every 20,000 miles. Those same vehicles are now running 80,000 miles, and sometimes even longer between oil changes. For its Class 6 trucks, Edwards Mail has extended oil drain intervals from 10,000 miles to 60,000 miles with the Eco-Pur system. The company continues to bring in each truck every 20,000 miles for routine maintenance and checks oil samples for impurities. It is during these routine checks that the company can identify various issues, such as extra coolant or wear metals in the oil, allowing Edwards Mail to pinpoint specific concerns in the early stages that could turn into major problems down the line. The company has also been able to double the life of its fuel filters since implementing the Eco-Pur system.

The OPS Eco-Pur system is the first and only supplemental filtration system that uses advanced electronic controls to continuously optimize the cleaning process and remove both solid and liquid contaminants from lubricating oil. The system continuously monitors temperature, pressure and flow to optimize the evaporation process based on an engine’s real-time operation.

“Edwards Mail Service’s decision to expand its Eco-Pur installations is a testament to the company’s commitment to further improving its oil maintenance program, and reducing its carbon footprint,” said Greg Slawson, CEO of Oil Purification Systems. “And, while saving money with fewer oil changes has been a significant benefit for Edwards Mail, the ability to know they are able to use their trucks longer, while also performing fewer major engine repairs, is an even larger benefit that will continue to pay off for years to come.”