The 2012-My CODA

The 2012-My CODA

The first fully assembled CODA — a silver 2012 all-electric sedan with a 31 kWh battery pack — to be sold to consumers drove off the final assembly line March 12.

Final assembly was conducted in Northern California at a facility located approximately 30 miles from San Francisco. With the initial assembly of the glider chassis and lithium-ion battery pack conducted in China, all research and design, marketing, and sales are conducted at the manufacturer’s global headquarters in Los Angeles.

The CODA will be soon available for purchase at dealerships throughout California: CODA of Silicon Valley, run by Del Grande Dealer Group (DGDG in Northern California; Marvin K. Brown Auto Center in San Diego; and various locations in the Los Angeles region that will be announced soon). As production increases, additional dealerships in the state and beyond will be announced.

Highlights include:

• 88 miles per charge EPA rating.

• MSRP of $37,250. (In California, federal and individual state savings and credits may bring the price down to $27,250, according to the company).

• 6.6kW onboard charging capability provides a full charge in about six hours on 240 V (Level 2 EVSE).

• Active thermal management system provides constant battery care to help optimize the battery pack's performance in hot and cold weather conditions.

• Lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack with a 10-year, 100,000-mile limited battery warranty.