ATLANTA - NexTraq, a GPS fleet tracking and vehicle management solutions company, announced that Premium Electric Company saved revenue through validating time spent on the job for accurate client billing with the NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform. Additionally, with the Fleet Dispatch application, fleet productivity has increased through more accurate routing.

The company is utilizing this tracking service on its vans and a boom truck.

Louis Turner, Operations Coordinator for Premium Electric Company, said, "Our decision came down to pricing and ease-of-use. The NexTraq system had all the features we were looking for and we had a good relationship with our sales representative. NexTraq was the best overall choice."

The NexTraq Start/Stop Report provided Turner with immediate benefits. Turner said, "If there is a customer dispute about the hours our technicians spend at a location, I can pull up the report and validate time spent on the job. With this data in hand, our billing and customer invoices are accurate and we aren't losing service revenue."

Turner also uses the NexTraq Fleet Management platform to validate his driver's fuel card purchases. "Between validating billing and fuel purchases, we are saving a substantial amount of money," adds Turner.

Premium Electric also uses the Speed Alerts in the NexTraq platform to monitor driver behavior. However, Turner states that one of the top benefits is knowing where vehicles are in such a large metro area. Additionally, with the Fleet Dispatch application, drivers can receive accurate, turn-by- turn directions from an in-vehicle Garmin® to ensure accurate ETAs.

Mike Scarbrough, CEO of NexTraq, said, "Helping our customers do their jobs better is what NexTraq is all about. Whether it's improving service revenue or increase fleet productivity, our success depends wholly on theirs. That's why 95 percent of customers would refer us to another business or associate." 

Turner concludes, "We have definitely saved money while improving our productivity. We run our fleet operations more efficiently through automating once time-consuming manual processes."

For more information on the NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform, its applications - Fleet Mobile, Fleet Metrics and Fleet Dispatch - please visit or call us at 800.358.6178.