NAFA is launching a new program called Beyond Fleet, which is designed to promote the value of the fleet management profession to private- and public-sector employers of fleet management professionals.

According to a statement from NAFA, “Beyond Fleet aims to elevate the status of fleet managers beyond the fleet management community into the mainstream business world where, oftentimes, few understand the true value of your position.”

NAFA’s Executive Director Phil Russo, Joanne Marsh, director of marketing and communications, and Gary Wien, communications manager for NAFA, were on hand to discuss the new program with journalists during a press conference on Feb. 28.

According to NAFA, the group conducted a survey and received responses from 400 members about their top concerns. One of those top concerns was about awareness of the fleet manager’s role and value that the profession adds to an organization. NAFA developed the new Beyond Fleet program as a response.

Part of the program will involve advertising, and a special section on logistics and fleet management, in the upcoming April issue of Business Week magazine, which has a circulation of 1 million. NAFA said the fleet management professionals who responded to the survey regarding top concerns said Business Week is the second-most-read publication by fleet managers, and their supervisors, outside the Wall Street Journal. In addition to print advertising, NAFA is also focusing on other channels, ranging from online ads and social media to radio spots.

NAFA is looking for support from its fleet manager members, as well as companies and media organizations in the fleet industry. For fleet managers, NAFA is making available template letters, data, and Power Point presentation that a fleet manager can use to help explain and promote the profession to others within companies and public-sector organizations (for example, a fleet manager’s employer).

To determine the results of the campaign, NAFA said it will survey its members and evaluate the number of ads placed, the partnerships gained for this program, and metrics such as ad impressions.

For more information, visit NAFA’s new Beyond Fleet website at You can also watch a video of Phil Russo, below, where he explains the program.