Teletrac, a provider of advanced fleet management solutions for the trucking sector, announced availability of an interface between its award-winning Fleet Director GPS and vehicle tracking solutions and TruckMate, an enterprise transportation software solution from TMW Systems. 

The interface provides customers using both systems with seamless and reliable 2-way communications between dispatchers and drivers, along with real-time GPS-based location, motion and mileage data.  This integration enables a wide range of real-time information to be directly transmitted to the cab, with details specific to individual jobs.   Knowing the position of drivers and loads is not only essential for efficient load planning, it can be used to provide accurate and seamless shipment updates back to customers.  Teletrac also integrates with TMW Systems TMWSuite transportation management software.

With Fleet Director's new TruckMate interface, a wide range of real-time information is transmitted directly to the cab, with details specific to individual jobs.  For example, load offers and all associated data created in TruckMate can be sent directly to the driver via Teletrac Fleet Director without having to re-enter data - a significant time-saver that also reduces errors.  Drivers using Fleet Director can instantly confirm arrivals, departures and load details including weight, actual quantity, delivery notes and any other data required by TruckMate, either by inbound canned, form-based, or free-form messages. These messages are presented within TruckMate so that the dispatcher can update all documentation such as freight bills.

The ability to visibly track every minute and mile of the delivery cycle enables dispatchers to proactively allocate resources to avoid problems or delays and increase utilization.  Every update from the driver is accompanied by GPS position, mileage and movement data, which means that dispatchers and customers always know the "What, When & Where" about consignments in real-time.

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