American Fueling Systems (AFS), an Atlanta-based alternative fuels development and consulting company, has announced it is setting aside $1 million to fund a Cooperative Agreement (CA) with fleet companies to provide answers related to using alternative fuels.

AFS seeks to provide answers to questions fleet operators face, such as, “can my organization really benefit from the use of alternative fuels?” and, “which alternative fuel should I use and how much will it cost?” The CA will provide fleet owners and fleet managers with a detailed alternative-fuel feasibility study specific to their fleet operations so they can get these questions answered with a detailed plan on how to make the transition.

“Every fleet operator in the country is looking for solutions to their rising fuel costs,” said Rahim Charania, CEO of AFS. “By funding this Cooperative Agreement for fleet companies, we are offering our expertise, experience, and market knowledge to help them evaluate the best course of action in their transition to alternative fuels. In addition, the results of this CA will provide fleet managers and owners the tools and information to maximize the benefits of the transition.”

According to Jorge Maroto, COO of AFS, the free study will help award recipients “better understand their capital costs, return on investments, paybacks and operational benefits,” noting that an in-depth analysis of this kind would normally cost $10,000 to $25,000. 

To apply for funds, go to the AFS website at

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