"We've been using Minimizer fenders for as long as I can remember," said Jason Stowe, Shop Coordinator with Met-Con Companies in Faribault, Minnesota.

Met-Con Companies is a commercial and industrial large project construction company. Its fleet of trucks hauls construction debris, fill, and loose material. Its important road debris doesn't hit the trailers or be allowed to enter the trailers, mixing with the contents. And, it's important that if something falls out of the trailer that the fenders can handle it and not be damaged.

"Minimizer fenders are the perfect application for our construction tractors and trailers," Jason Stowe said during a recent interview. "We use them because the coverage is exceptional. They control spray and keep our loads and trailers clean and undamaged. And if something falls out of our trailers the fender takes the beating with no problems."

Met-Con needed more protection for new end dump trailers they purchased. They used Minimizer fenders not only because of the durability and perfect fit but also because the installation process is so easy.

"We can install the Minimizer fenders quickly and easily in our shop, our guys really like the system," Jason added. "The new Minimizers come
all the way down the wheel, wrapping around it, we like that and the protection it provides for our new aluminum trailers."

Met-Con has ruled out using metal fenders. The benefits of Minimizer fenders make Minimizer the easy choice: more durable, easier to clean, better coverage, higher quality product with Minimizer's lifetime guarantee.

Minimizer fenders continue to be the perfect match for the construction industry where trucks are constantly driving from off road to on road.
Minimizer fenders will enhance the performance of all makes and models of over the road trucks, construction vehicles, or agriculture equipment. Enhance and protect your vehicle with Minimizer products.

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