MT. LAUREL, NJ – ARI, a leading global fleet services provider specializing in complex car and truck fleets, announced that it is implementing the SAP HANA platform to slash processing time and substantially broaden the scope of fleet reporting.

By utilizing SAP HANA, ARI’s clients will be able to analyze data at unparalleled speeds, so that efforts can be focused on using information instead of waiting for it. Beyond time-saving benefits, the technology is designed to deliver significant cost savings, through efficiency and analytical capabilities. ARI will be the first fleet services company, and among the first 100 companies worldwide, to leverage SAP’s new technology.

Using in-memory technology, the SAP HANA platform will work behind the scenes of ARI’s Web-based fleet management system, ARI Insights®, to process a variety of client interfaces. The implementation, which is expected to be completed by mid-2012, will provide ARI clients with new analysis capabilities and speed, thus providing total cost visibility. 

“This implementation of SAP HANA reinforces ARI’s continued commitment to fleet excellence through technology and strategy,” said Steve Haindl, senior vice president and CIO at ARI. “We’re committed to bringing our clients the latest technology, not just groundbreaking for the fleet industry, but new in the entire world. SAP technology brings an unprecedented level of speed and strategy to our clients, and soon the limitations of former technology will be a distant memory.”  

"We are confident that SAP HANA will help support ARI as it accelerates plans and grows its business,” said Bob Courteau, president of SAP North America. "SAP HANA is specifically designed to help companies get information faster, analyze reports more quickly, and operate their software programs at speeds that were once unimaginable."

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet