TREVOSE, PA - The CEI Group, Inc. (CEI) announced the adoption of a new corporate logo as one part of new brand strategy that stresses the company’s unique features and benefits in its core businesses: vehicle fleet accident management, risk management, and driver safety, and direct repair services for insurance companies.

“There’s a perception that we’re in commodity businesses, and that all providers are basically the same,” said Vincent Brigidi, CEI’s president and chief operating officer.  “Our new branding strategy is aimed at demonstrating how CEI is different and achieves excellent results.”

Mr. Brigidi said the announcement coincides with CEI’s launch of aggressive new advertising and marketing communications campaigns that highlight “the many different ways CEI brings better value to our customers.”

One key difference, he said, is CEI’s corporate culture.  “We place an extremely strong emphasis on doing business the right way for both our customers and our employees.  That means caring for them and treating them more as partners, being responsive, and anticipating their needs,” Mr. Brigidi said.

“That’s why we have such low turnover in both our customer base and work force. These are values visitors to our offices feel right away, and we want to make it easier for people to experience them when they’re not inside our walls.”

Mr. Brigidi said the company’s new logo – featuring stylized road striping ahead of all lower-case letters – “better symbolizes what we do and how we do it. The new logo quickly identifies us as being in vehicle and driver- related services and a company that is serious, but at the same time warm, caring and approachable.”

The new logo is the focal point of the first in CEI’s new series of advertisements, and stakes out the company’s new positioning in a headline that says, “We’re different.”  It then cites three key unique CEI service features:  fully integrated accident management and driver risk management services, with proprietary training;  savings on repairs documented by on-staff licensed physical damage appraisers; and the accident management industry’s first and web-based provider portal for connecting directly to  its repair shop network.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet