WESTLAKE, OHIO - TravelCenters of America LLC (TravelCenters) has completed its fleet-wide installation of GPS tracking technology on its RoadSquad fleet of more than 400 emergency road service vehicles.

Tom O'Brien, President and CEO of TravelCenters, said:

"Our GPS technology allows us to know exactly where to find the downed driver and provides service technicians that drive our emergency service trucks with detailed directional information to the breakdown site. Our national dispatch center knows exactly where everyone is; that allows us to provide more accurate arrival time and status information to downed drivers, lowers our response times and gets our customers back in business faster."

"TravelCenters invested significant capital in the new system, which also provides critical RoadSquad fleet maintenance, operation and driver performance data. This data is critical to optimizing in-service time of all of the vehicles in the RoadSquad fleet, further enhancing the ability of the nation's largest owned fleet of emergency roadside vehicles to respond to customers' needs and get them back on the road. This, I believe, is what TA and Petro do best - help drivers optimize their business, even in the face of a breakdown."

Professional drivers can reach RoadSquad by calling (800) 824-SHOP (7467). Drivers with iPhone or Android smartphones can call RoadSquad with a touch of a button through TravelCenters' TruckSmart mobile app. A smartphone's location services will allow the driver to provide the exact latitude/longitude coordinates of the breakdown to RoadSquad dispatchers.

RoadSquad service trucks are driven by qualified technicians from TA Truck Service and Petro:Lube locations across the country. These locations represent a distinguished service and repair network with more than 2,500 technicians that hold more than 1,500 ASE certifications. RoadSquad service trucks and technicians handle more than just tire and fuel issues. Vehicles are equipped for, and technicians are trained to handle, a multitude of road side issues - the broadest scope of road side services offered by any travel center chain.