TORRANCE, CA - Join Automotive Fleet and GE Capital Fleet Services for a complimentary webinar to find out the facts behind several common misconceptions about truck fleets and the impact they can have on your business.

Good news - sales are up and you need more trucks to meet the growing demand. Bad news - your customers need it cheaper and faster, all the while your budget remains the same. How do you solve this problem? Is buying "less truck" the right thing to do for your business?

Join our panel of experts as we uncover the facts behind some common misconceptions around truck fleets like, buying "less truck" is better for my business. While they seem harmless, these myths can actually have a negative impact on your business by lowering productivity, increasing costs, frustrating your customers and ultimately losing money for your company.

Just a few of the myths we'll "bust" include:

1.     Truck selection does not impact driver satisfaction or productivity

2.     The longer trucks kept in the fleet, the better

3.     Adding a few pounds or small equipment won't impact truck productivity

Tim Craft, president of TiNik, Inc. provides an upfitter's perspective and joins GE Capital Fleet Services' truck engineers and strategic consultants to expose some of the myths surrounding truck fleets and offer tips to help you make informed decisions based on facts not fiction.

You will have the opportunity to submit questions during the webinar.

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