BLOOMING PRAIRIE, MN - Minimizer is pleased to announce the addition of Tim Trom as the Company's Vice President of Operations & Finance. Tim will be joining Minimizer's management team at the Company's corporate offices in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota.

For the past 18 years Tim has served as Director of various departments at McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing in Dodge Center, Minnesota. Prior to that he was a Technical Manager at the Illinois Department of Transportation Bureau of Electrical Operations. And for 10 years he worked for the Republican political party in Illinois for the Reagan/Bush campaign in the 1980s.

In 1987 Tim earned an Associates Degree in Business from Harper College in Palatine, Illinois.

Craig Kruckeberg, Chief Visionary of Minimizer, confirmed the new position and Tim's hiring. "With a wealth of knowledge in the manufacturing, operations, inventory control and financial realm of mid-size manufacturers like ourselves, Tim is going to be an exceptional addition to our team. We look forward to leveraging his 20 plus years of experience to move Minimizer forward," Craig said.

This is not Tim's first involvement with Minimizer. He has served for multiple years on Minimizer's advisory board. He gained insight and a solid working knowledge of the Company during this time period.

"I'm looking forward to the challenging career opportunities Minimizer will present," said Tim during a recent interview. "Working for a privately held company is exciting work and professionally I can grow and help the Company move forward. I know I can have an impact. My track record in purchasing and my sales experience will help. My strong relationships with the OEMs will be leveraged to help Minimizer enter new markets and deliver new products."

Tim's biggest commitment is to evangelize the Minimizer story. "I want to help our distributors and customers better recognize the quality of the products we offer." He added, "the industry can do better by using our product. Its lightweight and delivers a return on investment through durability and fuel savings. My focus is going to be to help get the message out more."

Tim's first official day as Minimizer's Vice President of Operations & Finance was Thursday, December 1, 2011.

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