FORT WAYNE, IN - Transportation Safety Technologies announced that its Idle Guard 200 anti-idling device has been named a Top 100 Products Award winner by Construction Equipment magazine. Idle Guard 200 is a solid state timer that automatically prevents unnecessary engine idling in fleet and delivery vehicles.

Construction Equipment's prestigious Top 100 Products Award program was developed to call special attention to the most significant products announced each year in the equipment market. The awards highlight manufacturers who are investing in research and development with the goals of increased productivity, efficiency and safety for equipment users. The magazine's editors make selections independently, drawing upon input from readers and their own experiences with equipment technology and the equipment marketplace.

"To have one of our products recognized by such a knowledgeable panel of editors at the forefront of the construction industry is nothing short of an honor," said Fred Merritt, CEO of Transportation Safety Technologies. "Idle Guard 200 is an important technology for fleets to implement as it allows drivers to remain compliant with anti-idling regulations, while saving money. Without the technology, excessive idling will damage engine components, including cylinders, spark plugs and exhaust systems."

The Idle Guard 200, available since March 2010, provides a timely and low cost solution that is easy to install, and can be retrofitted on almost any vehicle. The device, usable with diesel or gas engines and manual or automatic transmissions, is triggered either by a positive or negative signal from the park brake on a manual transmission, or the park/neutral switch on an automatic transmission. It is offered in three models providing engine shut off after three, five or 15 minutes of idling either via fuel shutoff for a diesel, or by turning the ignition off for a gas engine. Furthermore, the timer allows fleet and delivery vehicles to save money on long-term gas costs and potential fines for anti-idle violations.

"In light of such a highly competitive equipment marketplace, we considered several hundred product introductions in the process that led to our impressive roster of winners," said Rod Sutton, Editorial Director of Construction Equipment. "TST is unquestionably ahead of the curve when it comes to design and manufacture of commercial vehicles, the 'above and beyond' mentality that we search for in Top 100 contenders. Not only does the Idle Guard 200 provide an abundance of benefits for fleet and delivery vehicles, it delivers with the element that makes any innovative product truly marketable: simplicity."

The Top 100 Products Award winners are included in Construction Equipment's December print issue and online at To learn more about Transportation Safety Technologies and the Idle Guard 200 technology, visit