DEARBORN, MI – According to surveys of more than 1,600 Ford owners, the V-6 EcoBoost-equipped F-150 is achieving customer quality ratings on par with the 5.0L V-8-equipped model. The findings are based on data from Ford’s 2011 U.S. Global Quality Research System (GQRS), which is a quarterly survey conducted by RDA Group of Bloomfield Hills, Mich. on Ford’s behalf.

Sales of the V-6-equipped version of the F-150 track with these findings, based on recent sales data from Ford.

In terms of engine performance, Ford said the F-150’s 2011 EPA ratings certify that 4x2 models equipped with the 365-horsepower 3.5L EcoBoost twin-turbo engine and six-speed automatic transmission achieve 22 mpg highway, 16 mpg city.

Ford said its internal customer data also shows that the new electric power-assisted steering, or EPAS, is helping to reduce the number of warranty claims. Ford said this technology has reduced warranty claims with 25% fewer complaints for vehicle vibration, and 33% fewer issues reported with drifting and pulling

Internal customer data show these technologies have reduced warranty claims with 25 percent fewer complaints for vehicle vibration and 33 percent less reported issues with drifting and pulling.

Another benefit to this technology is a fuel-economy improvement of 2%. The automaker explained that EPAS steering only requires power during steering maneuvers rather than constant engine power to drive the hydraulic pump. In addition, use of this technology in the vehicle means there is no hydraulic fluid to dispose of during maintenance.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet