BROADVIEW, IL - Purolator Filters launched a new website directed specifically to all those involved in servicing, and supplying filters for, heavy-duty vehicles. This new website, includes a wealth of information for all types of medium and heavy-duty vehicles and applications, including trucks, buses, mobile off-highway (MOH) vehicles, construction equipment, and agriculture applications using heavy-duty filters.

The new Purolator heavy-duty website includes comprehensive data on oil, air, fuel, and coolant filters, as well as hydraulic and cabin air filters and air dryers.

The easy-to-navigate new site includes comprehensive information about the importance of various types of filters, with particular emphasis on newer-generation vehicles that use exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and other current engine technologies.

You can also register for an oil analysis that will help determine the 'health' of your fleet's engines. For a modest fee, fleet and commercial vehicle managers can submit a sample of their vehicles' oil and receive an analysis of any foreign liquids and solids that might be present in it. Oil analysis can help determine, the sources of these materials and help extend the life of an engine.

The website will soon be tri-lingual, offering visitors the option of viewing it in English, Spanish, or French. Visitors to the site can also view or download detailed brochures and other relevant product information.

As you would expect, the new Purolator heavy-duty website includes comprehensive and detailed catalog listings. Of particular interest is a very user-friendly product look-up page known as the Application Guide Search, which requires just four entries of information to locate all available filters for a particular application. The site also includes the ability to search cross-references from competitor part numbers. Additionally, the site is fully searchable for near-instantaneous access to information on any subject.

A special and particularly convenient feature of this new Purolator heavy duty website is a highly versatile "Where to Buy" page, where visitors can enter a city, state, or zip code to locate their closest Purolator distributor. Visitors can also enter any part of a business name and full particulars will immediately pop up.

Unlike many other websites, which require visitors with questions to fill out a lengthy form and submit it and await a response via e-mail, the new Purolator heavy-duty website provides a dedicated heavy-duty specific telephone hotline, so visitors can explain their question in detail to a an individual, and get an immediate response. This immediate availability of answers and information will help reduce vehicle downtime, and will also help eliminate issues that may result from incorrect application data or improper installation.