Nissan's new XTRONIC CVT.

Nissan's new XTRONIC CVT.

YOKOHAMA, JAPAN – Nissan has unveiled its new XTRONIC Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) for its 2.0L to 3.5L engine vehicles. The automaker also unveiled a new hybrid system for its front-wheel drive vehicles.

As part of the announcement, Nissan said it plans to release a new hybrid vehicle in North America is 2013 and later in global markets.

Nissan said the new transmission helps vehicles achieve up to 10 percent better fuel economy when compared to previous CVTs for comparable vehicles. The transmission features a ratio coverage of 7.0*2 and a 40-percent reduction in friction. The new transmission is also combined with Nissan’s Adaptive Shift Control (ASC). ASC selects a gear ratio optimal to the specific conditions and the driver’s intention.

Nissan’s new hybrid system incorporates one electric motor and two clutches into the XTRONIC CVT. It combines this transmission setup with a lithium-ion battery and a 2.5L supercharged engine. The automaker said it delivers power equivalent to a 3.5L engine but gets better fuel economy.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet