SANTA PAULA, CA - At a time when industry wide inflation is hovering around 10%, popular car lift and garage equipment manufacturer BendPak-Ranger announced today to its global dealers and consumers that they will not raise their prices through mid-2012. The company credits manufacturing efficiencies with easing the rise in raw materials and manufacturing costs. The company’s capabilities and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes at the new 480,000-sq-ft facility allows for leaner and more efficient manufacturing, the ability to forge improved cost-saving relationships with suppliers, as well as increased control over how they conduct their global business.


"We made a promise early this year that we would not let global inflation woes force us to raise prices. We feel for our customers who are having a tough time in this economy. It’s our way of giving back and thanking them for their years of loyalty," said Jeff Kritzer, BendPak Sr. Vice President, Sales and Marketing. "Our plan is to continue growing in a way that is smart and cost-effective, which should enable us to supply the world market with unrivaled equipment at a consistent, reliable price." BendPak continues to develop strategies that grow their business. "While most industry brands continue to raise prices due to lower margins and declining market share, we need to support our dealers and customers across the globe through these tough economic times. We’ve been fortunate with market share and growth both still thriving here," says company President Don Henthorn.


"We’ve held prices where they are since third quarter 2010 and will continue to hold prices firm for at least six more months. This should help our dealers grow their business and ease the financial crunch that many end-users are strapped with right now. We feel their pain and are taking a stand to give back to our customers, many of whom have supported us for over three decades," said Henthorn.