DEARBORN, MI - Ford Motor Co. has posted a new video on YouTube that's aimed at demonstrating the differences between Ford structural collision parts and aftermarket parts. 

Hosted by Larry Coan, a repairability engineer for Ford, the video focuses specifically on Ford's comparison test results for Mustang and Focus bumper beams, F-150 bumper brackets and radiator supports, and Mustang bumper absorbers and isolators.

Ford initiated the current comparative testing program out of concern for how certain aftermarket parts perform together with all the components of the vehicle safety systems, Coan says.

"With the greater use of high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels in today's cars and trucks, using the right parts is even more important in helping to restore a damaged vehicle's ability to provide the intended level of protection in a crash," Coan says.

You can view the video above.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet