FRESNO, CA - Betts Spring Company ( has expanded its strategic alliance with Crane Plastics to now include the exclusive distribution rights of Spraydown Aero Guard Systems to North American trailer manufacturers and aftermarket distributors.  Previously the strategic alliance between the two companies, announced in February of this year, covered distribution rights for Spraydown products to tractor production and aftermarket distribution in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Betts Spring is a well-known spray suppression specialist with a solid reputation for offering product solutions to the commercial vehicle industry.  By expanding the strategic alliance, Crane Plastics benefits from Betts' experience and is expected to significantly increase the availability and sale of Spraydown products in North America.  "Our initial alliance with Betts Spring provided Crane with ready access to tractor production and aftermarket relationships that would have taken us years to independently develop" said Matt Fenneman, Vice President and General Manager of Spraydown, USA.  "Mike Betts and his team are serious about spray control - and there is no more revolutionary product on the market than Spraydown.  We are pleased to expand our relationship with this fine company." 

Spraydown is a leading spray suppression technology combining superior spray control through aerodynamic design that generates fuel savings - an unparalleled combination of safety, savings and sustainability.  Mike Betts, President of Betts Spring noted the benefits to his company "Initiatives such as FMCSA's Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) reminds each of us of the responsibility to contribute solutions that enhance safe driving conditions for our fleet customers and the public at large.  Spraydown provides unparalleled spray control to substantially improve driver visibility with equally compelling aerodynamic fuel saving design." 

With its uniquely engineered design, the Spraydown Aero Guard System manages airflow to generate significant fuel savings, while improving driver visibility. By directing up to 95 percent of spray back to the road and out of the drivers' view, the Spraydown Aero Guard System delivers substantially improved safety during wet and inclement driving conditions. Spraydown USA's aerodynamic design has also delivered fuel savings proven in both field and test track trials.  Investment in the Spraydown Aero Guard System is returned in a matter of a few months through fuel savings alone, generating significant and sustained positive cash flow.