DENVER - OnTerra Systems, a Web mapping, fleet optimization, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integration solutions and services company, announced that Global Dispatch ( has subscribed to OnTerra's RouteSavvy Web Service, and achieved significant improvements to company operations and cost reductions as a result.  RouteSavvy is an affordable, Web-based route optimization tool.  Global Dispatch is using Route Savvy to optimize routes traveled by its fleet of trucks that deliver missing or lost suitcases to travelers using LaGuardia and JFK Airports.  In the process, RouteSavvy has helped Global Dispatch dramatically improve its productivity, as well as reducing fuel costs and the distance and/or time traveled by its fleets.

RouteSavvy is based upon advanced, proprietary algorithms that are available online.  Users simply sign up for the service online, and then access RouteSavvy either with programming language or with the handy user interface ( to optimize the activities of its fleet.  RouteSavvy is available for subscription at the following Web address:


OnTerra's RouteSavvy MapApp Route Optimizer optimizes routes for up to 100 stops at a time.  Users may input their destinations in three ways:  1)  Uploading a spread sheet with addresses, 2) Clicking on locations in the displayed map which defaults to a user's home or business area, or 3)  Manually entering addresses in an input box in the RouteSavvy Web map applications.  Once addresses are entered, users also can choose whether they need a round-trip, or one-way route.

In addition, users can specify whether the route should be optimized for distance, time, or time adjusted for traffic.  (The "traffic" mode will access the Bing Maps' traffic information to help optimize the route and time it.)  When users generate their optimal route, the "results" tab will provide the total distance, expected driving time, and directions to each waypoint.

RouteSavvy is ideal for companies with fleets and individuals that make multiple stops per day, including:

  • Couriers
  • Delivery Companies (Florists, Fuel Delivery, Groceries, Medical Supplies, Newspaper Deliveries, etc.)
  • Service Companies (Electricians, Plumbers, Landscaping, Process Servers, Utilities, Transportation, Waste & Recycling Management, etc.)
  • Schools (pupil transportation)
  • Professionals who travel during their day (Real Estate Agents, Sales People), and more.

RouteSavvy is available both as a Web service and with a handy browser interface.  Global Dispatch has integrated RouteSavvy into its own technology platform, which has resulted in great improvements to the business. 

"Since we started using RouteSavvy, we have had a productivity increase of between 200-300 percent because the route optimization lets us deliver more bags per day now.  We used to deliver between 2,000 and 3,000 bags a year using a fleet of five trucks. Now that we have RouteSavvy, we're on target to be able to deliver 10,000 bags this year," said Amr Abdelwahab, principal software engineer for Global Dispatch.  "RouteSavvy also saves on fuel, and our drivers now can get their jobs done in a 7- to 8-hour day, instead of working so much over time."

Abdelwahab added that RouteSavvy optimizes routes in milliseconds, and is used several times a day.  "In our line of work, we have to deliver bags the same day, and in some cases, we must deliver a bag to a traveler on a 'rush' basis within 4 hours.  When we get a rush order, we have to re-optimize the route, and RouteSavvy lets us do this in milliseconds."

 "Given the rising costs of fuel, owners of small business fleets, and individuals traveling routes with multiple destinations are well-served to turn to affordable, easy-to-use tools like RouteSavvy to save time and fuel costs," said Steve Milroy, OnTerra Systems president.

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