HOUSTON - As soaring oil prices drive the cost of fuel higher and local governments and municipalities continue to face severe budget cuts, Ryder Fuel Services has recently released a free white paper that examines the top fuel management concerns of fleet managers.

The white paper can be downloaded at www.ryderfs-whitepaper.com.

"Every day, fleet managers and fueling facility operators are faced with tough challenges such as properly tracking fuel inventory levels, keeping maintenance costs down and staying in compliance," said Pete Cochefski, Managing Director for Ryder Fuel Services. "We hope that this free white paper helps fuel operators resolve some of the challenges they currently face by using the latest tools available. This white paper offers a number of valuable solutions to help them improve their bottom line."

The white paper, titled "Fuel Management: Fleet Managers Feel The Pressure," identifies many of the challenges faced by fueling facility operators, including tracking of inventories, deliveries and usage; maintenance costs; compliance management; alarm management; and service contractor database management. Centralizing these daily operating functions can appear daunting. However, with available fuel-management services, fueling-facility managers, owners, fuel buyers and fuel suppliers have the ability to easily incorporate end-to-end fuel management solutions into their operations. In addition, the white paper highlights the benefits of utilizing automated Fuel Management Services to monitor, record and track fuel inventories, deliveries and usage by company employees.

For more information on fuel-management programs from Ryder Fuel Services, please visit www.ryderfs.com.