DETROIT - Bill Gibson, director, sales for General Motors Fleet & Commercial Operations, will retire from GM effective April 30 after 38 years with the automaker. 

Gibson joined GM in 1973 in manufacturing operations. He held a variety of positions within the automaker prior to joining the GM Fleet & Commercial Operations in 1991. Gibson was promoted to director - U.S. rental sales in 1994, responsible for all rental fleet sales. In October 2001, Gibson was promoted to national sales director for GM fleet sales. In 2004, global sales responsibilities for GM Fleet & Commercial Operations were added to Gibson’s national sales duties.

Prior to joining GM, Gibson attended the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis from 1971-1972, where he studied electrical engineering. He received his bachelor of business administration (BBA) degree in finance and accounting and completed graduate work in economics from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Looking back on his career with General Motors, Gibson said: “Sometimes it’s difficult to view everything in the larger context (simply because the day-to-day work is all-consuming), but it is gratifying to realize that I was able to make a contribution (however small) to GM’s Fleet & Commercial Operations efforts.”

Gibson’s advice to those entering the fleet industry is to focus on customer service. “Focus on customer service first and foremost. Listen to the customer, learn to build long-term relationships, and know your product.”

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet