NOVI, MI - Hino Trucks has partnered with WebTech Wireless to offer Hino INSIGHT, a fleet management telematics solution that provides the tools needed to lower total operating costs and improve customer satisfaction, according to Hino.

WebTech Wireless is an industry leader in telematics technology and comprehensive business solutions. The company has a customer focused operating model with flexibility built-in to accommodate specific custom fleet management needs.

WebTech Wireless has a proven history of manufacturing reliable technologically advanced products and is well positioned for continued success with established partnerships with innovation leaders in the telecommunications industry - AT&T, Garmin, and Google.

Hino Trucks has teamed up with WebTech Wireless in a common mission to make the world a better place to live by helping people and goods get where they need to go - safely, economically and with environmental responsibility - while focusing on sustainable development.


Telematics is the ability to remotely communicate with onboard vehicle systems and human machine interface (HMI) devices. These systems commonly have built-in GPS positioning and offer optional driver HMI devices. Intelligent telematics systems have the ability to manipulate vehicle systems and transform broadcasted data into value added output.

Hino INSIGHT, powered by WebTech Wireless, is a powerful web-based location and telematics solution suited to help fleet managers do more with less. It gives you the measurement and reporting tool you need to lower costs, become more efficient and operate safely, deliver even better service to your customers, and meet government regulations and environmental standards.

INSIGHT supplies a level of real-time and organized historical data that was previously unimaginable, allowing fleet managers - and your organization - to make faster and better decisions.

Hino INSIGHT works seamlessly with WebTech's state-of-the-art Locator devices installed in each truck in the fleet. The Locator transmits location, status and diagnostics information to the INSIGHT data center. Fleet managers and staff can then access this information at HINOINSIGHT.COM through any web browser and use it to manage critical vehicle alerts, driver and truck performance, route planning, update maintenance schedules, fuel consumption, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) levels, and much more.

With Hino INSIGHT, fleet managers know exactly where every truck is, what it is doing and how it is operating. INSIGHT delivers data in the form of a fleet-wide dashboard (shown to right) and detailed vehicle drill-down reports, which enable you to quickly adapt to changing situations, pinpoint exactly where you can improve operational efficiencies and plan for greater long-term benefits.

INSIGHT also helps fleet managers monitor and reduce operating costs in a number of ways, from relatively simple tasks such as reducing excessive idling on a daily basis to long-term best practices such as scheduled maintenance and driver training. You will accomplish more with the information INSIGHT provides.



  • 2 year product warranty
  • 12 months of service included with INSIGHT hardware purchase
  • GPS position reporting every 5 minutes
  • Truck performance reporting every
  • ignition on / off
  • Real-time critical diagnostics reporting
  • INSIGHT Manager reports package


  • Custom fleet manager dashboard with scheduled email option
  • Door unlock telemetry feature
  • Real-time vehicle critical alerts
  • Truck DEF level monitoring
  • Idle time fuel savings opportunity calculator
  • Geofence parameter and landmark features
  • User, group, and vehicle administration
  • Mapping - vehicle by address or nearest location, vehicle history and vehicle polling
  • Vehicle maintenance center
  • Activity detail and summary reports
  • Monthly emailed report comparing your fleet's performance to national Hino fleet average in the same vocation, class, and body type (coming soon)


  • In-truck mobile data terminal
  • In-truck navigation with integrated Garmin
  • Two-way dispatch / driver communication
  • Voice command recognition
  • Electronic driver logs
  • Hours of service reporting
  • INSIGHT Professional reports package
  • Real-time job management
  • Accelerometer accident reporting
  • Fully customized fleet management solutions
  • Add-on sensors / controls / alerts:
    • - Refrigerator body temperature control
    • - Truck body door open alert system
    • - In-truck panic alert button
    • - Seatbelt sensors
    • - Truck axle payload weight sensors
    • - Tire pressure monitoring system
    • - Security / blind spot video monitoring
    • - Snow plow and spreader sensors
    • - Waste management fleet solution