MIDLAND, MI – Dow Kokam announced an agreement to supply advanced lithium-ion battery systems to power zero emission, fully-electric, Class 3-6 work vehicles produced by ZeroTruck Corporation, a developer and producer of commercial electric trucks.

Dow Kokam will supply ZeroTruck with advanced lithium-ion battery systems for the medium duty, all-electric truck design based on the Isuzu N series chassis. ZeroTruck is building one truck for service on a federal campus in Washington D.C., featuring a 18-foot dry freight body for facilities with delivery in early April 2011.

“ZeroTruck selected Dow Kokam because of its proven reliability, 10 years of experience with advanced large-format cells, and easy vehicle integration; which allow us to provide a realistic electric vehicle option for fleet owners looking to lower their carbon emissions and operational costs,” said Richard Serio, CEO of ZeroTruck. “ZeroTruck vehicles meet zero-emissions mandates for fleet operations under a 100 mile range, exceed all power and performance requirements and enable our customers to make meaningful progress towards the ultimate goal of achieving true energy independence and cleaner air.”
The ZeroTruck is available in Class 3-6 chassis and can operate at full highway speeds, with a 70 mile range in city driving and superior torque compared to conventional vehicles. The vehicle has a low cab forward design, a fully automated transmission, regenerative braking and is driven by a U.S.-made electric motor. The flexible chassis design enables ZeroTruck to be modified for utility, dry freight, stake bed, tow, sweeper, and refuse body type applications.

Dow Kokam’s large-format cells are equipped to perform under the rigorous mission-demands of commercial vehicles and its advanced battery and thermal management systems enable optimal performance of the ZeroTruck. The Dow Kokam battery system is able to reliably manage the significant charges that come from the ZeroTruck regenerative braking system, which can impart up to 20 amps per stop for the 14,500 pound vehicle. The battery system can be fully charged from discharge to 100 percent in 3 hours with an optional fast-charging system, or 8 hours with 220V power sources.

“Dow Kokam’s battery technology is a ready answer to fleet and commercial vehicle needs, while also providing a very compelling total cost of ownership scenario to owners,” said Chuck Reardon, vice president of Dow Kokam.  “With ZeroTruck, we can offer an electric vehicle option suited for a wide variety of applications in government and commercial fleets.”

Dow Kokam batteries have been proven in more than 1 million kilometers of rigorous, on-the-road testing. Dow Kokam technology has been adopted as the primary source of energy for high performance equipment in industries ranging from transportation, marine, aerospace, defense and high-end industrial products.