SOUTH PORTLAND, ME - Wright Express, a global provider of business payment processing and information management solutions, announced the release of its new mobile fuel site locator application.

This latest Smartphone technology allows Wright Express customers the ability to locate the type of fuel they need at the lowest fuel price - no matter where they are. Based on the 1+ million transactions per day that go through Wright Express's proprietary network, the fuel price information Wright Express is able to provide its customers with via this application is the most current and accurate out there.

To use, customers simply set the location, search radius and fuel type, and within seconds will get a list of fuel sites that meet their criteria. Five sites with the lowest fuel price options will be listed first, with the ability to list additional sites. All results can be re-sorted by brand or radius, and for drivers who find themselves in areas they are unfamiliar with, any site chosen can be plotted to a map using GPS. Maps can be changed to satellite, hybrid or terrain views.

"Wright Express understands the importance of efficient driving and fueling practices for business owners and their employees," said Kenneth Janosick, senior vice president of small business solutions at Wright Express. "By using this new application, customers can save as much as 10-15 cents or more per gallon on the price of fuel by simply doing the search every time they need to fuel and then identifying the lowest fuel price in their area. This represents a true value on what can oftentimes be a business owner's largest expense."

Currently, the Fuel Site Locator application is available free of charge to Wright Express customers. To learn more, call a Wright Express representative at 877-824-2715.