GARNETT, KS - On Feb. 8, ATC Truck Covers, a fiberglass truck cap and tonneau cover manufacturer in Garnett, Kan., had a fire start in one of its four buildings around 1 a.m. No one was injured and plans are in place for continued service.

"We're incredibly thankful that no one was injured. From what we can tell at this point in time, the safety features of our chemical storage area appear to have worked as designed preventing any chemicals from being released into the environment," said ATC Truck Covers President and former TCAA (now LTAA) Chairman, Bobby Combs.

ATC has assessed the damage to the company's 70,000 sq. ft. main production building and it appears to be a total loss. "However, our goal is to minimize any interruption of service to our customers. We've made arrangements to move our production to one of the three other buildings we have on the same property. Our team has pulled together, putting in lots of hours and will have us ready to build Production will be limited while we search for another facility at, or near our Garnett, Kansas location," said Combs.

ATC Truck Covers has a long history in the SEMA community and the automotive aftermarket and anticipates they could be back to full production in a new facility in as little as 90 days time.

"Every cloud has a silver lining and ours is that we will come back with a better facility, better equipment, and better systems that will allow us to produce an even higher quality product.  We also have plans to introduce new products to the automotive aftermarket," said Combs.

ATC Truck Covers builds fiberglass truck caps, fiberglass tonneau covers, sliding bed systems and other fiberglass products.