SAN JOSE, CA - Wrightspeed, Inc., an advanced clean energy transportation company, announced that the California Energy Commission has approved its $1,197,064 grant solicitation for the development of its Digital DriveSystem retrofit kit for medium-duty fleet trucks.

These funds were provided under California Assembly Bill 118.  "California is a national leader in fostering alternative and renewable fuel and vehicle technology. By leveraging state funds with matching dollars, California is spurring the economy with the development of medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks," said California Energy Commission Vice Chair James Boyd.  "Commercialization of the Wrightspeed Digital DriveSystem will provide valuable diagnostic verification and validation to ensure that electric drive technology meets defined performance and efficiency goals.  The Golden State's investment in green technology will yield rich dividends benefiting both the economy and environment," Boyd said.

The Digital DriveSystem is a powerful, reliable and cost-effective solution for electrifying fleet trucks. It will eliminate harmful emissions and lower total life cycle costs over conventional diesel, natural gas and other hybrid drive systems.  Wrightspeed founder and CEO, Ian Wright, stated, "We are excited to accelerate development of our electric drive technology with this grant.  We strongly endorse the Energy Commission's vision of energy independence and cleaner vehicles while creating high skill, high wage jobs in California."