NEENAH, WI - The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) plans to roll out its new CSA enforcement initiative soon. To help motor carriers and drivers succeed under CSA, J. J. Keller announces CSA Handbook: A Complete Guide for CMV Drivers.

"For motor carriers, much of the CSA-related emphasis has been on numbers, scores and program management," said Tom Bray, Senior Editor in Transport Management at J. J. Keller. "But everyone needs to remember that, at its core, CSA is tracking driver behavior."

Bray said that one of the keys to success under CSA is having knowledgeable and compliant drivers, and that's why CSA Handbook: A Complete Guide for CMV Drivers was created. "This handbook," he said, "helps commercial truck and bus drivers understand how their activities impact themselves and their carrier, and what they must do to ensure the impact is positive."

J. J. Keller's CSA Handbook: A Complete Guide for CMV Drivers is the ideal in-cab resource for the most critical CSA information: the seven BASICS, what not to do, driver rights during an inspection and steps to take afterward.

The handbook is affordable for every company - as low as $5.59 per driver. Quantity pricing and sample pages can be viewed at To order, call (800) 327-6868 or go to When ordering, callers should reference Promotion Code 33272.

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