SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA - Phillips Industries has launched Qwik Tech Tips, a monthly newsletter which offers easy solutions to electrical maintenance issues facing trucking fleets.  Phillips expertise in finding answers to fleet problems through aggressive testing and product development programs can help any heavy vehicle operator reduce their own costs from electrical problems. Qwik Tech Tips is designed to be a "qwik" read that will offer useful unbiased technical advice for maintenance management, technicians as well as drivers and others who interface with truck and trailer electrical components. 

The first issue of Qwik Tech Tips offers advice on the best ways to combat problems associated with corrosion and electrical systems.  Corrosion is a big concern for trucking fleets and the electrical system is a place where it can do a lot of damage, resulting in costly repairs.  Adam Bean, New Product Development Manager for Phillips outlines some simple changes that can be made which would reduce corrosion build up in the electrical system.  Each issue of Qwik Tech Tips can be found at or can be delivered in PDF format directly each month via e-mail by requesting that option on the website.