TORRANCE, CA - Enova Systems, Inc., an innovator of proprietary hybrid and electric drive systems propelling the alternative energy industry, has received an incremental order to deliver 100 electric drive systems to Smith Electric Vehicles (SEV), manufacturer of the all-electric Smith Newton truck.

The order for 100 Enova 120kW drive systems will be installed into Smith Newton trucks in Kansas City, MO. This recent order follows three previous orders from SEV totaling 220 units for 2010. This order is a part of the expected 500+ units through 2011 funded via the $32M DOE award granted to SEV earlier this year.

"Enova Systems is a valued partner in Smith Electric's production chain, allowing us to produce the best all-electric trucks on the market," said Bryan Hansel, CEO of Smith. "As the all-electric truck industry continues to expand with more and more companies realizing the benefits associated with electric technology, Smith and Enova are ideally positioned to maximize penetration and cost effectiveness through high volume orders."

Smith Electric U.S. was awarded a $32 million grant by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) which is being used to offset the cost of future vehicle development and to incentivize customers to participate in a vehicle demonstration program. The company was also recently visited by President Obama, who toured the facilities and applauded Smith's commitment to greening our nation's fleets.

"Enova's partnership with Smith Electric has been a successful one, validated by the continued increase in orders of our drive systems," said Enova CEO and President Mike Staran. "With more Smith Newton trucks on the road powered by Enova's all-electric drive systems, we're making great strides toward zero-emission vehicles."