KENOSHA, WI - The key to your success and to profitability is the ability to minimize the time it takes to perform a standard task. Snap-on tools are designed and manufactured to help improve efficiency and productivity.

"Doing the job quicker and more efficiently allows you to increase the number of jobs you can tackle every day," said Scott Amundson, product manager for Snap-on.  "These two innovative Snap-on products are incredible tools in beating the flat rate."

Snap-on 10MM Powerstroke Diesel Turbo Wrench (PSWT10K)

  • Job: Remove and install Ford 6.0L Turbocharger
  • Challenge: Mounting bolts are buried behind the exhaust between the firewall and turbo, where a 15 degree offset conventional wrench won't work
  • Solution: Snap-on forged powerstroke diesel turbo wrench (PSWT10K) helps save up to 2.4 hours on average; 0 degree offset is perfect for reaching these tight fasteners

Snap-on Dodge Wheel Hub Removal Adaptor (DHP1)

  • Job: Replace front hubs (both sides) on Dodge ¾ ton and one ton pickup trucks
  • Challenge: Hub removal is difficult, requiring 3.4 hours of labor and a sledge hammer, slide hammer or torch to remove hub
  • Solution: Snap-on Dodge wheel hub removal adaptor (DHP1) helps save two hours or more, preventing broken rotors and saving your back

Customers can find out more about these Snap-on innovative time-saving tools by contacting their participating Snap-on franchisee, visiting or by calling toll free 877-SNAPON-2 (877-762-7662).