ALISO VIEJO, CA - Telogis, the platform for location intelligence, introduces Telogis Fleet 8: a reliable and scalable GPS fleet management software. Telogis' Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) GPS fleet management system drives rapid return on investment for fleets of all sizes through improved productivity and operational streamlining. Telogis Fleet 8 now incorporates dynamic traffic and weather data to allow fleet managers to make the most informed real-time routing and allocation decisions based on current conditions in the field. 

Additional new components include an International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)/International Registration Plan (IRP) data feed, Multiple Vehicle Histories, Streetside/Birds Eye View imaging, and a Fuel Card Reconciliation Module that monitors and manages fuel cards.

These new elements build on a platform that already offers fleet managers a wide range of tools to better manage a company's mobile assets, whether it's trucks or equipment, or on 50 vehicles or 50,000. This scalable solution integrates with Telogis Route and Telogis Mobile to create a complete platform that monitors the location, health, performance and security of mobile assets, while presenting that data in a way that is easy for fleet managers and executives to understand and act upon.

Additional News Release Information

Telogis Fleet 8 features new premium data content that centralizes in one program the daily fleet management tools needed to track and manage a company's mobile assets. New content includes:

  • Traffic-Telogis Fleet 8 imports real-time traffic data to allow fleet managers and dispatchers to re-assign jobs if they notice a major traffic jam or incident that prevents a crew from getting to their next job on time.  
  • Weather-real-time weather monitoring assists in both routing and planning. If the fleet manager notices a major weather pattern moving in, Telogis Fleet 8 helps them alert crews in the field as to whether they can continue working, or if re-routing while in traffic may help them get to their destination faster.
  • Streetside/Birds Eye View-easily view the actual location and surroundings of your field team. This offers many benefits, including providing emergency response teams with the ability to determine the potential clean-up equipment needs based on surroundings (trees, utility poles, etc.).