- RhinoTireUSA introduces a new, environmentally friendly flat tire eliminator system to the U.S. market that promises to increase road safety and fuel efficiency, according to the manufacturer.

The RhinoTire Liner system virtually eliminates the possibility of a flat tire by instantly sealing punctures up to ¼ inch in diameter. Using the tire liner guarantees that tires will maintain a constant tire pressure, according to the manufacturer. Potential travel interruptions go unnoticed and roadside tire changes can be eliminated.

Made from a polymer blend, the liner forms a flexible membrane inside the tire to prevent punctures. Using the liner improves road handling, fuel economy, and significantly reduces road noise, up to 30 decibels. 

This product is just in time to support new Green programs to ensure motorists are maintaining optimum tire pressure to increase fuel economy. Low tire pressure is a major contributor to poor fuel economy.

To see how the liner eliminates flats, call the contact number provided to request a demonstration, or visit the RhinoTireUSA booth at the upcoming 2010 Green Fleet Conference in San Diego, October 18-19.

Click here to view the product brochure.

For more information contact Kevin Fields (888) 570-5093 or (973) 747-4077 (cell).