PACIFIC GROVE, CA - The Tire Retread and Information Bureau (TRIB) wants to send four free air fresheners for each truck, with no strings attached (except for the strings attached to the air fresheners).

Just e-mail your full name, company name if applicable, and complete mailing address, including country to, including the words "AIR FRESHENER ORDER" in the subject line.

Each TRIB air freshener has an important reminder message on the reverse side about the importance of keeping your tires properly inflated.

According to TRIB, "this is our way of thanking you for remembering to take good care of your tires, because if you take good care of your tires, your tires will take good care of you!"

TRIB will also include it's Understanding Retreading booklet complimentary.

If you have questions about this free offer, call (888) 473-8732 or (831) 372-1917.