RENO, NV - Couplemate Trailer Parts of North America announced the U.S. and Canadian release of its new SUV STEP.

According to North American Sales Manager Laurie Pedrick, the SUV STEP is a smart and practical new innovation designed to provide convenience and support for trailer owners, while serving as a safety precaution to help prevent potential risk or injury. The SUV STEP is a removable, non-skid platform that installs directly onto the towbar when the trailer is not underway, allowing owners to easily access heavy or high payloads in the rear of the SUV or other towing vehicle. The SUV STEP may be retrofitted on all existing Couplemate base plates, while a brand new heavy duty edition is now available with a beefy 5,500-7,700 lbs. capacity.

Available in polished chrome or electro-coated black, the SUV STEP is also packaged with locking pins to prevent theft. It also has a World Wide Patent Pending. MSRP is estimated at $199 US.

"We are very excited about this new product and believe it will have wide appeal to trailer owners in all market segments," said Pedrick. "Anyone who has ever once had to struggle with accessing equipment or gear from their vehicle with a trailer in tow will immediately appreciate the benefit of this clever new product offering."

The SUV STEP will make its North America debut at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, November 2-5.

Couplemate Trailer Parts is now corporately represented in the U.S. and Canada, and is no longer affiliated with, or distributed by, Durasafe, Inc. or Kickerfish Industries. Durasafe also no longer sells or represents the original Couplemate Trailer Hitch, also known as "The Marriage Saver."

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