VANCOUVER, BC - WebTech Wireless Inc., a provider of vehicle fleet location-based services (LBS) and telematics technology, has signed an LBS supply agreement with Hino Trucks, a Toyota Group Company, for the delivery of 1,000 Quadrant WT7000E Locators, supported by an enhanced version of the Quadrant web-based, fleet management portal.

"Hino Trucks' selection of Quadrant is a testament to our hardware and software's inherent design quality and dependability, as well as the execution capability of our team," said Scott Edmonds, President & CEO, WebTech Wireless. "We look forward to partnering with Hino Trucks to equip its customers with fleet LBS and telematics technology."

"Telematics solutions provide our customers the intelligence needed to optimize their fleets' performance," said Dominik Beckman, Marketing Manager of Hino Trucks, who also went on to say, "WebTech's offering is one of the best values in the market with compact product packaging, a flexible web interface, and the integration of leading telecommunication partners, AT&T, Garmin, and Google."

Quadrant is an end-to-end solution for the service and transportation industry that provides innovative GPS-based, remote fleet management capabilities to fleet operations of all sizes, allowing them to monitor the location and operation of their mobile assets in real-time through web and email-based applications, and detailed reports. With this ability, fleet managers can realize substantial increases in efficiency and productivity while decreasing costs through more efficient fleet utilization, reduced fuel use and preventive maintenance. Safety and environmental concerns are also addressed with the ability to monitor and mentor driver behaviour to reduce the instances of such things as excessive idling, speeding and hard braking. Quadrant also improves driver communication and facilitates EOBR and hours of service (HOS) reporting that meets and exceeds government regulatory requirements, including CSA 2010.