MILAN - Viamente rolled out the Viamente Route Planner 2.1, its latest version of the Web-based Routing and Scheduling Optimization Software that makes route planning simple and cost-effective, according to the company.

Every day, fleet and team managers face the complex challenge of planning routes for their vehicles and professionals with multiple goals: maximizing the number of serviced locations, minimizing resource consumption (number of vehicles, fuel, working time, etc.), and complying with multiple logistical constraints, customer wishes, and unexpected last-minute changes. 

With an intuitive Web-based interface integrating Google Maps, Viamente meets the needs of small and medium businesses: it requires no training, no investment decisions, no expensive maintenance fees and infrastructure requirements.

Visit, import your addresses on the map, and run the optimization to visualize the most efficient Route Plan. Based on a pay-as-you-go model, users can refill their accounts at any time by purchasing varying package sizes. The smallest package with 100 addresses is priced $9 and the company also provides a free version for Route Plans up to four Vehicles and 24 Locations.

"The newly released version brings an improved interface," says Antonio Perini, business manager, Viamente. "The marker selection is now immediate and intuitive: by simply dragging a box on the map, it is now possible to select multiple markers in one single move. Besides, users can assign Locations to a given Vehicle or let our algorithms find the optimal assignments. Since the optimized Route Plans can be saved online, ready to be retrieved and modified at any time, Fleet Managers can keep their Route Plans updated in seconds and react immediately to any new request."

About Viamente: Viamente is a private equity company, headquartered in Italy, devoted to innovation in routing optimization technologies. Making the most of growing connectivity and data availability, the company invests in mathematics and cloud computing with the goal of supporting the green economy in relation to mobility.