BETTENDORF, IOWA - Bee Line Company, a heavy-duty tractor and trailer wheel alignment and frame correction systems company, announced the addition of a new mobile alignment system package to its  heavy-duty alignment product line. This mobile alignment system is a variation of our acclaimed LC7000 Series computer alignment gauging system and includes all the same great features that serious alignment professionals demand including:

1) The ability to gauge toe, rear tracking and camber, the number one, two and three culprits for steer tire wear.

2) The ability to easily self calibrate, ensuring the equipment is always accurate.

3) The ability to align wheels to the centerline of the chassis, ensuring maximum tire life.

4) The ability to gauge the alignment of tractors and trailers very fast with a computerized system.

The key feature with Bee Line's Mobile alignment system package is mobility. The mobile package includes a laptop computer running Bee Line's WindSpeed alignment software instead of a large cabinet and desktop PC. Plus, every major component has been redesigned to improve mobility and efficiency including our new wireless gyro alignment heads, its new 22000 Rear Axle Aligner and new FPT8500 Floor Plates. Transporting the equipment is practical in a van or trailer making it the ideal equipment needed to perform alignments on-location.

This premier equipment package targets the growing market of private mobile alignment providers and commercial tire dealers who offer a mobile alignment service to augment their fleet tire service.

Bee Line is currently promoting this mobile alignment system package at a limited time price of $19,995. This price is nearly 15-percent off of the normal retail price and expires December 1.

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