ZoomSafer, a provider of software to prevent distracted driving, has launched MobileSafer, a safe-driving solution for smartphones.

MobileSafer automatically turns on "safe-drive mode" whenever users connect with their in-vehicle Bluetooth system or accessory, locking the phone's screen and keypad to ensure that drivers are compliant with current legislation before they even take their vehicle out of park.

"Research clearly shows that our hyper-connected society has difficulty making good decisions behind the wheel of a car, so MobileSafer was designed to eliminate the dangerous temptations to text and email while driving while still allowing the user to be connected," said Matt Howard, CEO of ZoomSafer. "MobileSafer ensures the use of hands-free services and automatically responds on drivers' behalves with customized replies to incoming messages letting others know they are driving and will respond later."

MobileSafer is $2.99 per month or $25 per year and can be downloaded directly from the ZoomSafer Website or via BlackBerry App World or Handmark. MobileSafer software works on BlackBerry smartphones running 4.2.1 OS and higher, and will soon be available for Windows Mobile and Android phones.

For users who want to listen and reply to their email and text messages while driving, VoiceMate is available for an additional $3.99 per month.