SPARKS, MD - PHH Arval announced the launch of PHH FleetSelect, the company's new vehicle ordering platform, in both the United States and Canada.
This major system is a new release in the United States and includes its accompanying online ordering capability for fleet drivers. It is the second release in Canada, where the system was introduced in 2009. PHH Arval clients with fleets in both the U.S. and Canada can now use the same system to order their vehicles in this North American platform.

Tom Keilty, PHH Arval chief operating officer, says, "With PHH FleetSelect, we sought to build something truly revolutionary with the goal of simplifying the ordering process for our clients and their drivers. We looked at the entire ordering process from the points of view of both the fleet manager and the driver. By designing our new system with this strong client focus, PHH FleetSelect is easier and faster to use, offering robust information, enhanced 360º views of the vehicles, and more convenient ways to pay for driver-paid options."
PHH FleetSelect streamlines the ordering process, reduces order time, and enhances accuracy. With automated feeds from the domestic motor companies, it allows electronic transmission of orders and near real-time status updates from the manufacturer. It also includes major enhancements in visibility of vehicle status and order queue, customization, upfitting and more.
In addition, for fleets that allow their drivers to choose their vehicles from a pre-authorized selector, PHH FleetSelect's online driver level ordering capability provides drivers with detailed information about vehicle description, equipment packages, and real-time order status, as well as multiple 360º images of each vehicle's interior and exterior views.

"PHH FleetSelect is the most recent innovation focused on achieving our goal of effortless driver and vehicle productivity," Keilty said. "We're already at work on the next release, which will continue to focus on what makes life easier for our clients and their drivers."