GARDEN GROVE, CA - Teletrac Inc., a provider of intelligent driving solutions, and ProMiles, a software-as-a-service solution for automating fuel tax reporting paperwork, announced on August 2 an agreement whereby Teletrac will provide ProMiles' Fuel Tax Automation services as an integrated component of its Fleet Director GPS and vehicle tracking solution. The ProMiles suite automates generation of state miles reports, International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), and mile tax reports required by states and provinces, and U.S. States reports for log book and IRP compliance verification.

Traditionally, fuel tax reporting has been one of the most difficult processes for trucking and transportation companies to master. From relying on driver-recorded data to the lengthy and error-prone process of data entry, past reporting methods have proven to be inefficient and expensive, according to Teletrac.

Teletrac's Fleet Director lets trucking and transportation company managers and dispatchers locate, track, and monitor the position and operation of fleet vehicles — delivering cost-saving efficiencies such as real-time GPS tracking of vehicles from the desktop, automatic route optimization, and detailed reporting for advanced decision support, and cost-efficient compliance. Fleet Director's electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs) and hours of service capabilities integrated with GPS and other advanced features, help ensure full FMCSA and DOT compliance — eliminating costly paperwork, violations, and reducing audit risk.

ProMiles Fuel Tax Automation gives the trucking industry the same tools to pre-audit their records that the government uses to perform an audit, all via integration with the customer's installed GPS equipment.

With the new service, ProMiles seamlessly integrates Teletrac-gathered vehicle location and route data plus GPS- and map-based jurisdictional information with ProMiles Fuel Tax data and calculations to generate audit-proof trip records and reports that are compliant with state and federal regulations. Paper trip sheets, data entry errors, and missing trips are eliminated, providing substantial benefits to both managers and drivers.  Any company that currently reports mileage for IFTA will benefit from the combination of a robust, integrated fleet management and automated IFTA reporting service, according to Teletrac.

"The partnership with ProMiles broadens the benefits of Fleet Director," stated Drew Hamilton, executive vice president, Teletrac. "The integration of our two products allows customers to further reduce costs and improve efficiencies by eliminating manual, time-consuming processes."

"We are very pleased to partner with Teletrac, a recognized leader in telematics for more than 20 years," stated Tony Stroncheck, President of Sales and Marketing for ProMiles Software Development Corporation. "The synergies resulting from the integration of these leading solutions will provide fleet managers unprecedented capabilities to streamline operations, reduce costs and improve accuracy."