TORRANCE, CA - Enova Systems, Inc. has moved toward large scale production supply of its all-electric drive system for the Smith Newton, the world's largest battery-electric-powered production truck, Enova confirmed Aug. 3.

Smith has placed an order for 50 units of Enova's 120kW drive system. This order follows two from earlier in the year, totaling 120 units year-to-date, and will be installed into the Smith Newton truck in Kansas City, Mo., according to Enova.

"Enova's drive systems offer the ideal technology for our Smith Newton vehicles," said Bryan Hansel, CEO of Smith. "Enova has engineered their drive systems to easily and non-invasively integrate with our vehicle. We look forward to expanding our relationship with Enova via a long-term supply agreement that will allow us and our suppliers to maximize penetration and cost effectiveness through high volume orders."

The order for 50 Enova 120kW drive systems is on track to culminate in a total order of more than 250 by year-end. Smith Electric U.S. was recently awarded a $32 million grant by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), which is being used to offset the cost of future vehicle development and to incentivize customers to participate in a vehicle demonstration program.

"Enova is pleased to partner with Smith in this major milestone toward greening our nation's commercial trucks. We are enthusiastic that the funding and recent visit by President Obama validate our confidence that the market is about to grow rapidly," said Enova CEO and President Mike Staran.

Powered by the Enova 120kW drive system, the Smith Newton all-electric trucks will provide a host of environmental and economical advantages for fleet operators and drivers. These include:

  • Ease of use and significantly reduced maintenance requirements.
  • 6 to 8-hour battery recharge achieved via a simple 220 volt outlet.
  • Zero greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Savings related to reduced fuel consumption.
  • Energy independence from foreign sources of oil.
  • Suitable for commercial trucks with depot-based drive cycles and stop-and-go driving conditions.
  • Quiet, comfortable operation.