REDFORD, MI - Detroit Diesel's Engine Manufacturing Center in Redford, Mich., was recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as one of the first manufacturing facilities to meet the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry.

Under the EPA's ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry, manufacturing sites establish an energy intensity baseline, set a 10 percent reduction goal within five years or less, implement energy efficiency projects, track energy use and verify their savings.

Detroit Diesel's Engine Manufacturing Center exceeded the EPA's reduction goal by reducing its energy intensity by 17 percent within one year. Detroit Diesel has been an ENERGY STAR partner since 2009.  

In addition, Detroit Diesel's Engine Manufacturing Center was also recognized for Outstanding Achievement at the DTE Energy and The Engineering Society of Detroit's Energy Conference and Exhibition for the Industrial Sustainable Energy Program of the Year. This award recognizes the Michigan-based industrial company that has made the most contributions in the area of energy conservation.

"The entire team at the Engine Manufacturing Center has played a significant role in reducing energy waste and developing new strategies for environmental efficiencies," said Ken Saari, director of Core Facilities for Detroit Diesel. "From our line of fuel efficient engines that feature the most advanced emissions technology to our manufacturing processes, Detroit Diesel is committed to reducing environmental impact at every turn."

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