PHOENIX, AZ - Load'N'Go is the industry's first fully removable and transferable, full size, steel utility body, according to the manufacturer. Some Load'N'Go models offer the ease of transferability while being light enough to be utilized in a ½-ton pickup truck market. Abundant storage and the security of steel are the foundation of this utility bed.

"This is the last tool box you will ever have to buy, as it will outlast many trucks," according to Richard Johnson, Manager of Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies. "Technician downtime is also minimized. When the truck is in the shop for service, your technician can still be working with all his tools in a rental truck, by transferring the Load'N'Go in a matter of minutes."

The Load'N'Go includes the following features:

  • Cost-saving benefits because of universal fit for all major brand, standard pickup trucks.
  • Perfect fit for both new or existing used fleet vehicles.
  • Extra security - standard key locks plus pad-lockable security.
  • Built-in forklift tunnels and lifting jack receptacles for easy installation and removal.
  • Models available for both long bed and short bed pickups.

The Load'N'Go is a steel transferable service body with full length side boxes, and a 1000 pound capacity slide out drawer. It universally fits most major brand pickup trucks. Load'N'Go has a "no holes drilled installation" and built in forklift tunnels for easy transfer from one pickup to another.

Load'N'Go, a slip-on truck body from Fleetwest is a smart choice for low cost, maximum flexibility, and minimum downtime.  "Given the depressed economic conditions, price quote requests on our web page ( have skyrocketed lately," Johnson states.  "People are looking for the best price for a replacement work truck. When they come across a transferable truck body, they realize that they can ELIMINATE the cost of a new service truck, because they can now use an existing pickup truck as a work truck."